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SMEWebify - Transform your SME with our suite of web applications. We believe that the future of your SME lies in the digital world. With our innovative solutions, we help you connect to the infinite potential of the web to drive your business growth. Simplify your operations, optimize your productivity and accelerate your success with our powerful custom web applications. Join the digitalization movement and give your SME the competitive edge it needs to thrive. Discover the future of your SME with SMEWebify.

Open source

We are proud to announce that our digitization projects are available in open source on GitHub.

  • As strong believers in collaboration and transparency, we believe in the power of open source to drive innovation and empower everyone to contribute to the development of these solutions.
  • GitHub is a renowned software development platform that hosts our source code. This means that you can access our code for free, study it, improve it and even contribute to its evolution. Whether you're a developer, tech enthusiast, or just curious, we invite you to explore our projects on GitHub.

To download our source code and start digitizing your business while contributing to the open source community, click on the links below:

NOTE : Join our open source community and together we can shape a more accessible, sustainable and prosperous digital future for everyone.




reduction in production downtime



carbon footprint reduction



reduction in production costs by identifying and eliminating bottlenecks


These exceptional features highlight the unique capabilities of your digitization applications, which bring significant added value to users. They reflect the practical benefits and advanced decision-making tools your solutions provide, enabling SMBs to efficiently manage their resources and move towards environmental sustainability.

Real-time kanban

Real-time kanban of production status with intuitive dashboards

Analysis Performance

Advanced performance analysis to identify improvement opportunities and bottlenecks


Interactive dashboards to visualize environmental performance in real time

Orders Management

Management of production orders for complete traceability and efficient coordination


Discover our revolutionary web applications through our screenshots section. Immerse yourself in the captivating visual experience of our innovative solutions designed especially for SMEs. Explore powerful and intuitive features that simplify your day-to-day operations, boost your productivity, and help you achieve your business goals. Our screenshots highlight user-friendly interfaces, informative dashboards, and customizable tools that provide an exceptional user experience. Be inspired by the possibilities offered by our web applications to improve the efficiency of your business, save time and obtain concrete results. Explore our screenshots now and imagine how our web applications can propel your SME to new heights.

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